Our Gardengirls® highlights: Concepts in 11 to 21 cm pots, bowls and hanging baskets

Gardengirls® concepts in premium quality!

Gärtnerei Melle quickly became the innovation driver for the Gardengirls® brand. The Twister®, Sunset Twister® and Up Down Girl® concepts were created here. Let yourself be inspired by the many colourful combinations and new products added annually.


CALLUNA VULGARIS: Twister® » Refreshing mix of three colours « Six to nine cuttings crossed in one pot create ...
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Sunset Twister®

CALLUNA VULGARIS: Sunset Twister® » Two top products come together as one. The Sunset Twister® is exclusively available at ...
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Up Down Girl®

CALLUNA VULGARIS: Up Down Girl® » An exciting look created by a hanging heather, a bushy heather and a ...
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Gardengirls® unicolour

T12 & T13 T17 & T21 CALLUNA VULGARIS: Gardengirls®T12 & T13 » We will be happy to receive your ...
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Gardengirls® unicolour NEXXT

CALLUNA VULGARIS: Gardengirls®T12 & T13 » The new Nexxt varieties convince with their bright colours and particularly long shelf ...
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CALLUNA VULGARIS: Twingirls® » A true classic among the Gardengirls products, the Twingirls®. Whether in purple-white or red-white, they ...
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Trio Girls

CALLUNA VULGARIS: Trio Girls » The Trio Girls not only convince with the brightness and vibrancy of their buds, ...
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Quattro Girls

CALLUNA VULGARIS: Quattro Girls » If you like it colourful, the Quattros are just right. The Fluffy® and Autumn ...
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CALLUNA VULGARIS: Herbstlavendel » Extend the summer feeling into autumn with Herbstlavendel. The purple-blue flower buds are available from ...
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CALLUNA VULGARIS: Lönneby » Lönneby reflects the Scandinavian way of life. With its largebudded flowers, this news addition impresses ...
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Rasta Girls®

CALLUNA VULGARIS: Rasta Girls® » A new specialty with hanging sprouts, in a 12 or 13cm round pot. Whether ...
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CALLUNA VULGARIS: Fluffy® » Fluffy® – the velvety heather with soft, silvery shoots. Now, also available as from Gärtnerei ...
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Golden Angie

CALLUNA VULGARIS: Golden Angie » Some moments are worth their weight in gold! « Golden Angie is characterised by ...
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CALLUNA VULGARIS: Smixies® » Five colours in one pot – colourful and mood-boosting colour mix with Smixies®. « Colour ...
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Sunset Girls®

CALLUNA VULGARIS: Sunset Girls® » Sunset Girls® are characterised by their colourful foliage without flowers. They shine in the ...
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Sunset Fire®

CALLUNA VULGARIS: Sunset Fire® » Sunset Fire® is reminiscent of a fiery sunset. The powerful combinations are available in ...
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CALLUNA VULGARIS: Ewigheid » The Ewigheid bowl consists of a colour-intensive Sunset Girls®, combined with Heuchera and grasses. Together ...
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The nursery

Heather nursery drives innovation

Benefit from over 75 years of experience in the green industry. We offer you personalised support with our professional expertise
and knowledge.

100% Quality

All our plants captivate with their unique size, vibrancy of colour and longevity.

100% Innovation

Thanks to our innovative ideas, we work with fewer resources and offer the market viable alternatives to conventional products.

100% Experience

We’ve now been operating in the horticulture section for over 77 years and our longstanding employees are more than competent and knowledgeable.

100% Motivation

Günter Melle’s motto „There is nothing, that one cannot improve“ has not been forgotten and continues to influence the Melle Horticulture Centre.


Flowering heath near Melle

Enthusiasm for outstanding quality has always been the hallmark of the Melle nursery. Our plants are simply “different” and we are proud of that. Melle has become the innovation driver of the Gardengirls® brand, offering garden centers and wholesalers a particularly wide range of products.


Here at Gärtnerei Melle, we think sustainably and always consider the future. We produce high-quality plants for our customers and take our social and environmental responsibility very seriously. Our plant production has been MPSA+ certified for five years now. Our work processes have been accredited with GLOBALG.A.P. GRASP since 2022.

Each plastic pot is made from 100% recyclable PCR material.

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